Saturday, November 08, 2008

oh, hello, my favourite building in the world. lovely to see you again.

glad to see you weren't leveled in my absence. you look at least as inviting as usual decked out in your fine autumn colours.

I must admit, I was slightly disappointed that you didn't bother to cut a hole in the fence and knock out a window so I could greet you up close and personally, but don't you worry - the day will come. they've been selling shirts recently to the twilight fans that say "if you could live forever, what would you live for?" you know what I would live for, mate? I'd live to see your battered walls from the inside, to stare down your dark, wheelchair-strewn hallways and to creep down to the basement and gaze in horror at your dusty electroshock machines.

also to eat banoffee pie.

my second favourite building in the world! fancy meeting you here.

you're still as gorgeous as ever.

trespass? I wouldn't dream of it. what kind of villainous material would do such a thing?

oops. how did I end up in here (again)?

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