Friday, June 05, 2009

we have a new kayak! it is bright yellow, as per my request, to match my bright yellow lifejacket and bright yellow shoes. it has a watertight bit at the front for storing your non-waterproof whozits, a watertight bit at the back for storing your larger non-waterproof whatzits, and a couple other spots and pockets for keeping waterproof gizmos and the camera you carefully stowed in a ziplock baggy.

I took it on its maiden voyage a couple days ago. when I go out kayaking, I usually start in whatever direction is upwind, so that I'll be paddling downwind to get home. however, the wind often changes directions mid-trip and I end up going upwind both ways. this time I started downwind hoping, for once, to go downwind both ways.

I paddled a few miles up the bay to the marshy bit beyond hatfield point. proceeded to get lost among the reeds, stuck in the sand and cover the floor of the kayak in mud following an attempted portage. saw a two-foot long fish leap out of the water. it was, all in all, a successful afternoon's adventure.

but the plan to paddle downwind both ways? no such luck.

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