Sunday, June 07, 2009

we made a new friend the other day, the maternal unit and I. a friendly girl. blonde. she lives on a farm down the road.

we'd gone out kayaking and met her a mile or so down the bay. she'd come down from the farm for a swim and when she saw us she ran over, across the marsh, to introduce herself. she just loves boat rides and asked if she could join us in our kayaking. I said sure. the m.u. said no, not enough room, sorry, which I thought was a bit harsh.

that's ok, said our new friend. I'll just swim behind you.

oh, no, said the m.u.

oh, yes, said our new friend.

and she did. followed us all the way home. she swam partway and ran the rest down the beach. before we left she gave the m.u. a parting kiss. it was the sweetest thing.

when she finally staggered onto our beach, much to our amazement, she collapsed in a heap, rolled onto her back and demanded a belly rub.

meet dixie. she just loves boat rides.

she lives on a farm down the road, a fact we discovered following discussion with the animal hospital in sussex, a couple neighbours, the postlady and, finally, dixie's mother.

the parting kiss. dixie is full of kisses. do you want one too?

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