Monday, July 19, 2010

Well well, Interwebs. It has been a while.

All my spare time in recent days has been consumed with house-hunting. I'd started looking half-heartedly around the time of the mushrooms, but when my housemate turned territorial a few weeks ago and started restricting who I was allowed to have over, I decided to pick up the pace. Then he dropped the "I like you" bomb, started interrogating me about who I was hanging out with and whether the guys were single, and, most notably - offered me free lodgings if I'd agree to go out with him.

I said no.

So he kicked me out.

He gave me six days to find "another room, couch or hostel". A bit rough, considering that I spend 13 hours a day at the uni and he knows it. But if he was dead set on making me homeless, the rest of the world was wholly sympathetic to my cause. I was offered couch-space, dinners and help with moving from various friends and their parents. One friend came with me to check out a house. Several offered to dump sugar in my crazy housemate's fuel tank, fill the house with rats and stuff rotting prawn heads into hard-to-clean places. Fire and rifles may also have come up in the course of conversation.

Anywho. So it was that Saturday morning I escaped that filthpit den of misery and moved to a lovely sharehouse in the Inner West, where there is a dog, a cat, four friendly humans, an out-of-tune piano and wireless Internet. Tonight I moved into my own bedroom, which features an overhead light, a big window and my very own door! Right now it looks like I'm squatting, but soon I'll even have furniture.

Oh, and did I mention the INTERNET?

Elation is what I am full of tonight, Interwebs. Unabashed, unbridled elation.

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Katie said...

so happy for you my dear! i can't wait to come up and see it. :-D