Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sometimes, I feel that I unjustly credit one parent for something that is really a joint effort.

Take, for instance, my love of math. I love math. Really. Always have. And I’ve always accredited my Dad that. He’s the one with the doctorate in statistics, after all. But of course, even if my dad is the born mathematician, both my parents value education. My mom fully endorsed the playing of math games on restaurant napkins as we waited for our meals and the purchasing of Math Rabbit, Math Blaster and the countless other math-nerd computer games I loved so much.

Conversely, there are all the photography adventures I take with my mom. We’ve scouted out hidden treasures all over the Buffalo area, and we’re making strides around the Belleisle too. But those adventures wouldn’t have happened if my Dad hadn’t decided to buy me a camera for my high school graduation present and started me off down this vicious spiral of photographic love.

There are two things I am especially thankful for today, and I want full credit to go where it’s due, which is to both my mom and my dad.

So first of all, my dearest, darlingest Mumsie and Popsicle, I would like to thank you for my pasty fishbelly skin. Without that, however would I have been able to burn my scalp last weekend in such a way that it could now be peeling and causing me to look like I have either mankind’s worst case of dandruff or a really bad case of genetically-enhanced lice?

I also have you both to thank for the way my body reacts to the flora and fauna of the great outdoors, both in North America and, as I discovered this weekend with my first foray into Aussie gardening, in Australia. (Namely, by breaking out in hives - the really itchy kind.)

Lovely parents. So generous. What did I ever do to deserve you?

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