Friday, January 14, 2011

When most people travel, they take a variety of photos in an attempt to create a thorough record of their trip. Some landscapes, some pretty buildings, some portraits and a funny moment or two.

There are other types of travel photographers out there too, though. Proof Photographers, for instance, who collect pictures of themselves standing in front of every monument and every cathedral wearing the same poised smile and holding up the peace sign. Or the Videographer Photographers, who frantically snap away at every building, sign and museum exhibit without regard to composition or whether they will ever want to revisit the British Museum through 2,000 badly-lit photos of mummy feet and 'don't touch' signs. There are the Party Photographers, whose photos are shot exclusively inside bars and clubs, and Food Photographers, who take a ritual shot of everything that goes into their mouth.

I've never leaned towards Proof, Videography or Party photography myself, and I've never considered myself to be a Food Photographer. I think my photos are fairly thorough representations of the trips I take. So if 90% of the photos I have from my pre-Christmas trip to New York have food in them? It's probably because food was 90% of what we did.

Starting with Junior's. Junior's was the primary reason for our visit to Times Square on the night of my arrival. It was around 10pm by the time we made it there, but hyped up on adrenaline and jetlag and just off 35 hours of airplane food, was I ever ready to feast. It was long awaited chicken wings for me, half of Gabby's strawberry malt and yes, even a jetlagged Bish is still a Bish, so a grilled cheese sandwich. But a really good one.

Here is Gabby after conquering her 4-piece fried chicken dinner. Either we failed at counting or "4-piece" is a relative term in New York, because there seemed to be significantly more than that on the plate before she shoveled it into her 6 stomachs.

Day 2. Highlights included sandwiches at the famous Katz's deli with half a cow of meat on them. Or whatever animal pastrami comes from.

And s'mores cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery...

Topped off with pizza from Lombardi's. It's nice to visit a country where the waiters don't mutter under their breath at you when you order half with 'just pepperoni, please'...

Having tasted proper New York style pizza, our next mission was frozen hot chocolate. This was a confuddling concept we had discussed in depth, but in the end, it turns out that a frozen hot chocolate is basically a chocolate milkshake, but a bit less creamy and about three times as big as any milkshake you've ever seen in your life.

About three times as tasty too. Maybe four. Especially if it has peanut butter in it.

There were burgers, streetmeat (which, I have to say, is not up to the standard of those fine specimens you find in Toronto), tacos and burritos from Chipotle's (which I'd never heard of but can be found approximately every two blocks in New York), a Max Brenner hot chocolate for Gabby, and this...

And apart from the candy section at FAO Schwartz, where there were boxes of Nerds the size of extra-large cereal boxes and Reese peanut butter cups the size of saucers, Dylan's Candy Bar, a three-story edifice of joy, M&M World, where I learned that M&Ms really do come in every colour of the rainbow if you know where to look, and that piece of leftover cheesecake I had for breakfast the last morning, that about sums it up. And that is how you go about merging the worlds of food and proper travel photography. Mission Eat Our Way Through New York accomplished!

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