Monday, October 10, 2011

Today is Thanksgiving. Somewhere in the world, families will spend the day picking apples and raking leaves and, tonight, will sit down together to feast on delicious roast turkey with all the fixings.

Me, I spent the day at uni. It was our second annual music research day at the lab, and I had a session to chair and a talk of my own to give. We ended the event at the local pub, which is how I wound up having pizza and a coke for Thanksgiving dinner. It really wasn't a bad deal, considering the food was free and - as is appropriate for the holiday - I have leftovers for tomorrow.

But given that I haven't celebrated the traditional way, I figured I should at least stop and think through the things I'm thankful for. There are many, but topping the list today:

- I'm thankful that my talk is over.
- That I'll have someplace to live after our lease is terminated this weekend.
- That I've had more people offer to help me move than I know what to do with.
- For sunshine, hot showers and student discounts.
- For Google maps, even when it sends me to the wrong place.
- That I live in a country where they sell honey yogurt and Tasty cheese.
- For the Thanksgiving dinner I had with my friends in July.
- For my various family members who don't ignore me just because I'm living in a different hemisphere.
- For free leftover pizza.

I'm also thankful for springtime. I love springtime in Sydney. It's warm but not sweltering, the flowers are out and the festivals are starting.

Also, the cockroaches have yet to invade. Though judging by the rodent sized entity that launched itself at me in the kitchen last night, that might be short-lived.

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

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