Sunday, October 21, 2012

Art in the Park

There are some people who go to art galleries and take pictures indiscriminately of all the paintings. I'm not sure why. If you like it that much, buy the postcard, man.

I don't do photos in art galleries, but I had to take pictures of these. Every spring, giant photos appear along the main walkway in Hyde Park. They are finalists in the Sydney life competition, meant to capture the essence of life in this little corner of the world. 

Here is one I loved: little girls at a birthday party with melting doll cakes. I had to take this picture for my mom because she made me a doll cake one year. That cake was sweet. The doll had red hair and a green and yellow ruffly dress. Mom slaved over it, and when it was finished she declared, "Never again!" My cake did not melt, since I was considerate enough to be born during a winter month.

Here is another I loved: a grandma-lady and her piggie out warming up in the winter sun. I had to take this one for Tidbit, God rest her squeaky fur-crested soul.

The caption for this one said something about well-loved rabbits being hung out to dry on the "quintessential icon of the Australian backyard". I liked it because I knew exactly what they were meant. The laundry dryer is a part of my mental image of an Australian backyard. At an Australia Day barbeque a couple years ago, we covered ours with a blanket to get some shade, because it was a scorcher and there wasn't room in the plastic kiddie pool for everyone. At some stage, the hose came on and was tossed up on top of the blanket until the whole laundry dryer was raining liquid cool.


I've been here long enough that I have a mental image of an Australian backyard and can casually refer to an Aussie Day celebration that happened 'a couple years ago'. Amazing...

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