Thursday, November 01, 2012


Oh, how do I love my new computer? Let me count the ways...

1. It's beautiful.

2. It's not a Mac.

3. It shines like the risen sun.

4. It's not a Mac.

5. It has a fantastically wide screen.

6. It is, thus far, still largely a blank slate for me to organise as I wish. I love having blank slates to organise as I wish.

7. It has a backspace button AND a delete button.

8. The keys aren't perfectly smooth. They have a slightly-textured surface to them that feels delicious under the fingertips.

9. It doesn't jump around in five-page increments when I try to scroll through the Word document containing my thesis. It's only 285 pages, man. Calm down.

10. It smells like new computer. New computer smell is significantly better than new car smell, and roughly on par with bag-full-of-Halloween-candy smell.

11. It recognises me. Seriously! I show my face to the login screen and says, "Laura". I know robots who can't do that. For that matter, I know people who can't do that.

12. It has a right mouse button for the touchpad.

13. USB 3.0 x3. Awesome.

Oh, and 14. It's not a Mac.

Welcome to the planet, Compasaurus.

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