Saturday, October 22, 2005

an uber-cute picture from thanksgiving:

the CN tower climb yesterday was succesfully completed in 21 minutes even. I'm in suprisingly little pain considering my legs were shaking when I got to the top.

there is a bear running wild in toronto. today, I dragged her across half the city - to the dollar store, to dominion, even to a couple of u of t's most dreaded libraries. and as all true bears like a bit of forest now and then, we are departing for toronto island tomorrow in search of alleged wildlife and photographic oppotunities.

bear wishes to comment..."I like to pee with the outhouse door open. For those of you who like to mosey around outhouses, beware!" this is the same bear who, a few minutes ago, said "when canadians talk, it sounds like they're trying too hard to say everything." and just now, in reference to a buttertart..."now this I could eat all the time." so all is forgiven.

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Molly said...

Hey Sunshine Dear!
Thanks for the very nice weekend! I'm sitting here in my room... it's raining and cold! But don't worry I won't be sitting for long... I have a stepper-thingy. And oh yea I'll be using it. Hopefully I'll make it past the western ny 4000. I hope you're doing well and keeping warm n sugared up. Sorry I didn't say a proper goodbye when I got on the bus, I was kind of in a rush and a lil flustered if you couldn't see it, :-). Miss Ya! See Ya!