Friday, March 23, 2007

oh, the pain. I remember it like it was yesterday. burning, burning pain.

gabby looks on with awe as I climb the easy wall with no harness. so much pain. the easy wall was all I could manage after climbing the monster one. my arms quiver just thinking about it.

my head quivers about it too, though that might be out of sheer excitement from finishing my second-last undergraduate paper, due in 5 hours. it's ten pages and absolutely stunning. haven't read it over, but all those words sure look pretty. now I know all about the reversibility of effects of childhood malnutrition on externalizing behaviour. fortunately for mankind.

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Tiffany said...

Ohh, I wish I could have gone climbing with you guys...Well, if it counts for anything, in the picture, you look like you know what you're doing and that you're having fun doing it! Yay for Laura, only one paper to go!