Wednesday, April 04, 2007

biggest huge smileyhappyface of relief and elation!

got an offer from the university of sheffield for their master's program in psychological research. they just have to confirm that the department of music is able to jointly supervise my studies.

dude, england! my future isn't doomed! smileyhappyfaces everywhere!


Tiffany said...

YayWowYay!!! That' soooo cool! I think we should go to....uh, Burwash? to celebrate...ok, so not the most exciting lace to celebrate, but it's the only thing i can afford. Hooray for Laura and her mad, psych. skillz.

kt said...

AWESOME WICKEDNESSSSSS!!!! yay england! hoorah for our colonial overlords!! *wait...

i have to give you your present. busy tomorrow morning? we should go out for breakfast to celebrate your getting in, on me. mel's?