Monday, April 09, 2007

dearest chaos,
please don't die. kick me, intubate me, suck my soul, kill me in my sleep and eat my flesh, but please don't die.
with undying respect, bish.

with less than a month of university left, I have been reduced to pleading with electronic equipment. my computer is pulling some kind of 'end of university, I'm five years old, I've lived in three countries and crossed the atlantic twice, now it's time for payback' stint. the screen keeps turning black - not shutting off, but going so dark I have to tilt it, lean it up against the back of my desk so the light shines on it a certain way, then hunch over so my nose is practically touching it in order to see anything.

and when it's not doing that, it's flickering. like right now. lightdarklightdarklightdarklightdark... excuse me while I have a seizure.

you know what, chaos? flicker your little heart out. because I JUST FINISHED MY LAST UNDERGRADUATE PAPER!! hold on... another seizure.

one week of classes, one assignment, one term test, three exams, and just 25 days till I get my life back!

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