Friday, April 13, 2007

question: how much does my mom love me?

answer: enough to drive from buffalo to toronto at 7:00 on a thursday morning, braving rush-hour traffic, to drop off a computer, cheez-its, candy and a t-shirt from florida, then turn around and drive back to work without even seeing me. that's a whole honkin' lot of love.

now I have a computer screen I can see without the use of specially-positioned desklamps and a flashlight. and I have cheez-its. so much love.

this computer isn't as well-used as mine - the touchpad and keys haven't been worn down to shiny yet, not to mention the (soon to be remedied) lack of winamp, photoshop, dc++ and msn. your computer really is like your child. you modify it, program it, fill it up with all sorts of nonsense until it's a reflection of you. then, if it dies and you have to get a new one, it's like replacing your own child with a stranger. and this stranger doesn't spew random messages in french or read pirated video files properly.

in 7 hours I start my last undergraduate lecture. my last three-hour stretch in sid smith. my last chance to fall asleep in class - which I intend on doing, just for old time's sake. it is happy or sad? I don't know. tired, which is fitting. I'd hate to break the trend now!

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