Monday, March 01, 2010

On a scale of one to ten - where one is discovering that someone on your bus tour gets violently carsick when you still have five hours to go and ten is finishing your last undergraduate exam - reading a paper about a study very similar to yours and realising that a) yours is better and b) their method of analysis is statistically inaccurate rates pretty high indeed.

To celebrate a productive week (sort of... or maybe because the sun was shining...) I trekked out to Bundeena on Saturday.

Bundeena has some particularly nice beaches, which I have decided are my favourite in Sydney, and sits right up against the Royal National Park. Did a bit of bushwalking in the scorching heat and kept my eyes open for brown snakes and Aboriginal rock carvings, both of which are allegedly on the trail and neither of which I found.

I did, however, find a smaller version of the spider that used to live just outside my window but seems to have disappeared, which is a source of concern for me since my window doesn't close all the way.

Found this too.

His name is Crabzilla, but I call him "Dude, stop trying to attack the camera and sit still or I'll post your picture on the Internet and tell everyone your real name is Phillip." He stuck his tongue out and scurried off sideways down the beach.

"Bye, Phillip," I called. "Say hi to your mum for me."

Went for a swim, then took the ferry home and had eggs and Doritos for dinner. Life is good.

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