Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The screaming baby. Everyone knows the screaming baby. It shrieks its way onto every trans-Atlantic flight. It shrieks its way onto every trans-Pacific flight too. It's made its way onto certain interstate flights and has even put in the odd appearance on the Greyhound. The screaming baby is very talented.

On the ferry over to Bundeena over the weekend, I took up my usual ferry position on the outside deck (where it's easier to jump ship if the rocking gets too much and I feel the need to release myself from this petty life of torture and jump ship). I ended up sitting by three boys who I believe were autistic and the girl who was looking after them.

As soon as we set off, the one beside me started shouting, "The boats! The waves! Look at all the waves!" in tones of great excitement. He kept it up the whole way across. "The waves! Look at all the waves!" Great big smile on his face.

This kid? Nothing like the screaming baby.

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T.W said...

Ha, I encountered the worst kind of screaming baby...well, screaming child on my way back from Cuba in January...I think he was autistic too, but his parents didn't know it and tried to use bodily restraint at take off and other sections of the flight. Bad Idea. Screaming like I've never heard a human make came out of his tiny body and continued for three hours straight. Worst. Flight. Ever. I'm glad your kid was having fun and not a panic attack like mine was.